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meeting with Zoran Markovic - March, 7 2014

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Cremona Mondomusica September 2013

                                                                           DISCOVERYCAM  -  stand 55

MICROTEX with his stand DISCOVERYCAM  was present in Cremona Mondomusica enjoying great success with the public and the experts.


Mondomusica 2013 - Andrea Michetti (Microtex) - YouTube
30 set 2013 - Caricato da CremonaFiere
Interviste agli espositori di Mondomusica 2013: Andrea Michetti(Microtex). ..

      Saturday, september 28, 2013, 4pm, Amati Room

             Presentation:      new research technologies in the field of violin making

                   Organization:     Microtex, Cremona Tools and Tarisio


Musicians, collectors, violin makers, merchants, traders, museums, auction houses, all can benefit from the use of the DISCOVERY CAM technology, an advanced Endoscopic Vision System expressly designed to observe the inner parts of musical instruments, including violins, with high image resolution and without any removal of strings or of other parts of the instrument.

The accurate inspection of all components provides a better evaluation of the wear conditions of the instrument, possibly revealing the need of unexpected restoration, information about the original manufacturing technique, knowledge of possible attribution errors, and sharp photographs of details, stamps and signatures.

The meeting being held to-day among instrument makers, restorers and suppliers, along with the renowned TARISIO auction house, showed the inspection and study advantages of the non-invasive DISCOVERY technology.

The TARISIO auction house has kindly provided an ancient instrument for this purpose.

Our best thanks go to Jason Price, Martin Sonnenberg and Alessandro Tossani for always courteous and professional collaboration.

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Cremona Mondomusica September 2012





Parma - Guadagnini - october 2011

Cremona Mondomusica September 2011


   In collaborazione con Cremona Tools - Alessandro Tossani

                         Anteprima Sistema di Visione Endoscopico DISCOVERY





                       Plinio Michetti     violino 1948                                                          Gianfranco Dindo    violino 1994